Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Choices Cost

Not always money.
Don't we always go back to this?
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Inner peace.


What not.

When you make major decisions in your life, you are always trying to do the best for yourself and people surrounding you. Unfortunately, you don't always know what the best is.

There are hours of sleepless nights pondering, making plans for the future to come, worrying about things that won't happen and being clueless about the surprises and misfortunes waiting for us around the corner. Life is not mathematics, and even though we can definitely calculate the odds, there's no guarantee for anything. Convinced that you want to be a college professor, you might one day be carried away by the wind of change and find yourself on the other side of the world and become a computer genius. Plans change with the circumstances. You never know for sure what happens tomorrow.

And here you are, on that other side of the world waking up in the morning thinking, "What the hell am I doing here? Is this really what I wanted to be or is this the job that pays the bills? Who am I?" Asking yourself, you yawn yourself back to bed and compromise with the alarm clock to snooze. Falling back into your dreams helps to forget your doubts and hesitation. There are few people, VERY few who don't hesitate. It's the human nature to be always curious about "what if."

However, what you need to know is why you are where you are. What made you lean towards the choice? Is there something else that would have made you happier? Is there something you're missing while you're wherever you are, and if there is, whether or not being there is more important than missing those other wonderful moments?

And of course, there are lots of marvelous things all over the world. You can't have them all: there are too many. That's why we need choices, and that's why we have priorities.

Therefore, in the times when you ask yourself whether or not the choice is right, weigh carefully what you're gaining and what are the losses, and try to decide if your priorities are met.

And if you still cannot decide, go do something that you're best at. Compose a song, kick a ball, or write a blog post after a few months of silence.

Choices will always cost you. Your job is to make sure that the price is fair. 

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