Monday, September 30, 2013

Good-bye, "Breaking Bad"!

Image credit: sharocity. com
We have reached the end of the "BB" spree!
Heisenberg is dead. Jesse's finally free. 
Will he look for Brock and adopt the kid
To repair the damage he - not on purpose - did?
Hank has been avenged, and so has been Drew:
Walter murdered Jack and his entire crew. 
Eliot and Gretchen will go on in fear.
They, like all of us, hold their lives too dear. 
They'll donate the money; Flynn will never bother
To suspect that it was given by his father.
Aunt Marie's a widow. Skyler's got her life 
Back from being a drug dealer's wife. 
Lydia is poisoned; she is not a liver.
That cold-blooded woman! God, would you forgive her
For the hits she put on so many men
(Well, for all we know, there were more than ten)?
Holly will grow up cheerful and unhurt. 
Everyone has got what he or she deserved. 
Only for the fans there's no happy end: 
What will we be doing without "Breaking Bad"?

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