Tuesday, August 2, 2016

5 Reasons to Start Juicing

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If you are, like me, not a vegetable lover and feel concerned with your diet, you should consider juicing as a path to a healthier you. Note: by juicing I mean adding fresh juice to your diet, not replacing all of your meals with it. Here are 5 reasons why you should be drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juice:

1. It's nutritious. Fresh-squeezed juices have all the same nutrients fresh fruit and vegetables contain, but your body absorbs them easier and quicker. Drinking one large glass of juice equals eating all of the fruit it was made of (for example, two grapefruits, a kiwi and an apple). What's even better, as opposed to cooking vegetables, juicing preserves all the nutrients, so you don't miss out on anything.

2. It tastes good. By means of mixing various fruit and vegetables, you will be able to consume products that you don't like. I can't even think of eating beets, but if I add some beet juice to my fruit and veggie drink, I don't taste it and don't mind it.

Also, taste is a matter of habit. Even though you might not like the taste of fresh juice at first, you'll love it once you get used to it.

3. It is easy to prepare. Once you have your first juicer and you learn how to take care of it (cleaning etc.), you don't even need recipes to prepare your juices. Choose your fruit and veggies according to your taste.

Don't forget, however, that fruit contain lots of sugar, so make sure to mix them with some vegetables for even better nutrition.

4. It charges you with energy. Even if you decide to eat nothing and only drink juice all day, you will not feel hungry. Remember that drinking the juice equals eating all of its ingredients, so don't feel like you're depriving yourself of food. Quite the contrary, you're giving your body what it needs, instead of processed food and fats. Fresh juice is all natural, and it serves you better than a five-hour energy shot. After a while, you will see your nails become stronger and your skin glow, and you will feel less tired in the end of the day.

5. It speeds up your metabolism. When I was first introduced to juicing, I drank fresh juice for dinner and ate whatever I wanted for breakfast and lunch. As a result, I felt hungry every 3 hours. I felt that my body was processing food quicker. I'm sure that was the consequence of juicing. In combination with exercise, I was able to lose weight quickly and without giving up food I liked.

With all these aforementioned benefits, the only downside is that you need to buy a juicer, suitable for both fruit and vegetables. If you feel that it's too much of an investment (the one I have costs around $150), try buying fresh juice by glass first, but make sure they're squeezing it in front of you. Ideally, you need to drink the juice no later than 15 minutes after it is squeezed; otherwise, you will lose out on some nutrients. Buying fresh juice is also expensive, approximately $5-6 for a 16 oz. glass. Still, it's a good start if you're not sure you enjoy juicing as much as I do. 

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