Monday, March 7, 2011

After a Rainy Day

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 What started out yesterday as a drizzling rain ended up being a day-long shower. An evening like that should be spent at home under a warm and cozy blanket with a cup of delicious herbal tea that warms your body and soothes your soul. Sitting on the couch in front of your TV, you can hear rain drops hitting the ground and wonder how much water is there in the street. The Weather Channel said it would make an inch. "Ahh," you sigh quietly. Rainy days make you feel helpless, as walking to a grocery store means coming back soaking wet and because you have no roommates, you feel separated from your friends by the unbreachable wall of water. "Ahh," you sigh again.

But this morning when you woke up, the sun light was already playing on your face cheering you up and drying the flooded street. And you stretched in your comfortable bed anticipating what pleasant surprises the day would bring you. "Wow," you mumble, "it's going to be a beautiful Monday." Sure, didn't you know that after a rainy day there is always a sunny one.

Accordingly, after a failure, there is always a win. If you feel that your life is not taking you in the direction you would like to take, do not panic. Give yourself some time to cool off and think about where you are not doing the best you can and how you can improve. It is important that you remain positive and think logically. Don't ignore advices your friends and relatives give you and listen to the warm words of support they say. If there is no one there for you when the times are hard, get someone to be near you. Explain that you are not feeling positive about yourself or your future, and they will encourage you and perhaps, point out some of the weaknesses in your strategy you haven't noticed. Problems are temporary; life is moving forward, so don't get stuck in the rain if you can get a lift or a place you can wait for the sunny day in the meantime.

If the rain lasts longer than a day, people often feel paralyzed by the weather, and they are reluctant to come out of their dens. Similar to this, unfortunate events tend to discourage us preventing us from moving forward. "I'm good for nothing," many of us exclaimed without truly meaning it. Do you know there are a lot of children and teenagers out there who never learned how to ride a bike or how to ice-skate? Does it make them worse than others? Absolutely not. First of all, it's never late to get the skill (I went ice-skating for the first time when I was 17, and I was horrible, scared to death that I'd fall and break something). Secondly, every individual chooses what he or she likes to do and goes for it. Not all of us have the same talents and abilities. You are unique, as are other people, so don't worry that there is something you can't do as well as Amy, Martin, Paul or others.

And finally, if something goes dreadfully wrong, think of a way to change it radically. I remember reading "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho, and the book taught that if the way you've taken is "yours" (meaning, truly the best choice for you), you will meet no obstacles. If you come across too many of them, may be you took a wrong road. Consider this and remember that you are the master of your life, so it's up to you to make an alteration.

And don't forget: this is New York, a beautiful city that doesn't have a rainy season that lasts three months.

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