Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9 Ideas for Stress Relief

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The economy is tough. Prices go up, and salaries remain the same. In addition, many people, not only in the US, but all over the world live in constant fear of being laid off. There's so much stress in our everyday lives that we just need to let it go and treat ourselves every so often. Here are some good ways to help yourself and let the steam out:

1. Get a massage. It is great for relaxing tight spots on your back and letting your mind go.  Yeah, it might be expensive, especially if you are a deep tissue massage lover, and your motto is, "If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work." However, don't forget that there are Living Social and Groupon deals that might help you out.

2. Spend a day in a bathhouse. When you catch an occasional cold, your fever helps to sweat the infection out. Using a sauna creates artificial fever that works just as well. Switch back and forth between sauna and cold shower until you are exhausted, peel off a great deal of dead skin cells, and feel like a totally new person.

3. Sleep well. Modern world is fast-paced, and we often have to get more than one job to be able to pay for everything we need. However, never cut back on sleep. When you doze off, your body relaxes and restores its power. If your cell phone battery is drained, you can't make a phone call. Similarly, if you don't get enough rest, your body crashes, and you get sick. Therefore, cut back on watching TV and surfing the web if you have to, and make it a nice zzzz time.

4. Always get at least one day off a week. Everyone needs a no-obligation day. You would think that it's better having no days off and work eight hours as opposed to toiling for fifteen hours and have that one day to yourself. You are wrong if you think that. Not only do you have to tend to various chores like laundry and housekeeping, but you also need to let your mind forget about the job and everything that goes with it, and enjoy something you love doing (sometimes it is sleeping, which is totally fine).

5. Get together with old friends. People who love you unconditionally and make you laugh will always make your day brighter. If you're feeling stressed out, it often helps to talk to someone who can give you a piece of advice, or support you with kind words. Don't keep it all to yourself. Share with someone who cares. Sometimes talking about your problems is a relief in itself.

6. Try a new hobby. Learning occupies your mind and leaves less time for worrying. Maybe it's time to take weaving classes, or start dancing. Whatever it is you have always wanted to try, go for it. As a bonus, you will make new friends and might even create meaningful connections. It all depends on what your goals are.

7. Get a pet. Caring for someone uses up the energy you would normally devote to stressing yourself out. Walking a dog is not only picking up its poop; it is also admiring the beauty of a park in the autumn at 5 am. A purring kitty warms up your lap like no blanket ever will. Animals are good listeners and devoted friends, so if you don't have one, you should adopt one and see how rewarding it is.

8. Exercise. "Here we go again," you might say. But working out is crucial. It pushes your body to burn calories, speeds up your metabolism, tightens up your muscles and makes you feel good. Our bodies are intended to be active. Run if you like, walk, or take a yoga class. Don't turn it into a routine. Instead, experiment and keep it interesting. Doing the same thing over and over will eventually bore you, and you will give up on that gym, no matter how close to your house, or work, or school it is.

9. And finally, don't let the stress demons possess you. Show who's the boss and be the master of your own fortune. It is your choice whether to sit there and whine how miserable your life is, or to make a move and do something good for yourself and others. 

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