Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teaching a Child Manners

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Living in a metropolis like New York City, many of us have to commute to work, school or other places of interest, and a train ride often lasts for an hour or even longer. There are smelly foods eaten by those who haven't had time for a proper lunch, loud music piercing through someone's headphones, and two ladies (often Chinese) screaming at each other from the opposite sides of the car. What can make it worse? A yelling nine year old riding the train with his/her parents, who say nothing to the brat as though wailing into another passenger's ear is an absolutely normal thing to do.

If you are one of those parents, please, do the community and yourself a favor; educate them before it's too late. Note: education is not yelling and beating, but rather teaching the child to be aware and considerate of people around, which one day along the road will include you as well.

Here is what you can do to teach your youngster some manners:

1. Explain what is rude and disrespectful, for example kicking people or staring at them. They would not want someone do that to them, so they shouldn't do it either.

2. Channel their attention. Make sure they are occupied at all times. A book or some cartoons will do. If they are entertained and busy, they won't have time for screaming.

3. Persuade them to behave like adults. Children love to be treated as equals, and they hate to be called "cry babies," so use this to your advantage.

4. Pay attention to the child's needs. Why is he/she screaming? Is it hunger or desire to be noticed? Listening to your children helps understand and correct the behavior.

5. And finally, let them know that what they are doing is wrong and it upsets you. You need to teach them to respect and please you, so why not start doing it now?

And remember: children are not born naughty or obedient. Everything depends on you, from their first lesson in manners to their bright future you definitely want them to have.

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