Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rate Your Professors: Your Voice Does Matter

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HURRAY! There is this moment you have been waiting for, and for a few weeks: the day after the last exam! You don't know yet how you did, but at this point, it does not matter. There will be another semester in about a month (if you are not taking winter classes, of course), but for now, it's time to do as many fun things as possible.

However, I don't recommend you to forget about school completely. A good thing to do is, before you forget all about your classes and professors, to go to Rate My Professors and leave your comments, in addition to the official evaluations your school has already asked you to fill in.

Why should you bother? Well, there are other students making their schedule right now, and they would like to know what professor they should take. School is expensive, and no one wants to waste their time with the professor they would hate. Therefore, it is important that you leave detailed comments to let others know what to expect from the professor and the course.

I have never been a fan of professors' ratings, and never bothered to read them, but this Fall semester (my first semester at Hunter College), I went online and checked the ratings of the professors I was going to take. I must admit that it helped me a lot because I knew what to expect. Most comments were truthful and helpful.

What I like best about Rate My Professors is that there is a variety of comments on the basis of which I can come to certain conclusions. There are students who use those websites to put the professors down because they did not get the grade they expected, and you can see that. If you read with attention, you can distinguish real feedback from made-up complaints. For example, "too much writing" in a writing intensive section is not a valid reason for complaining.

Thanks to the website, I managed to pick very good classes and very good professors, and I will definitely leave my rating there for the future generations of students, so that they will also have an idea about what the class will be if they sign up for it. And I definitely recommend you to have your voice heard by others as well.

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