Monday, December 31, 2012

Time to Make Wishes

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Breathing heavily, the old year is preparing to depart. It has always excited me to turn a page into a new year. I am always looking forward to it like a child to birthday presents. "The way you celebrate New Year's Eve, that's what the year will be like," Russians say, and it works for me. That's why I try to leave no unfinished business in the old year.

And one of my favorite things to do is to write a list of wishes for New Year in order to look back at it when the year is over and see how much progress I have made. The truth is, sometimes we do not realize how much we have actually accomplished. The list helps to make things clear.

But of course, out of ten or so items, there's a lot left undone in the end of the year, and I do not get upset about those things. Everything has its time. The unaccomplished goals will remain on the list for the following year. As long as there is a direction and sort of a plan, everything will work out just fine.

To tell the truth, even though this was not the greatest year of all, with hurricane Sandy, the end of the world prognosis and many other bad news the TV was boasting of, I am very proud of myself looking back at 2012. I have published my first short story in an online magazine and came back to blogging. I have continued the quest for my dreams at Hunter College, and what a fruitful semester that was! I have also learned how to dance salsa and taken a few writing classes, not because I had to, but because they brought me joy and satisfaction.

I like to think of New Year as of moving to another apartment: bringing the best of my belongings with me, leaving the junk behind and making a list for the future. That's exactly what I am planning to do in the next 24 hours. Time to make wishes, ladies and gentlemen!

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