Wednesday, August 15, 2012

6 Worst Pick Up Lines

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Wandering the streets of New York City, we can't help bumping into one another. Sometimes a guy would see a girl of his dreams, and his palms would be sweaty with nervousness, while his brain tissue would warm up producing a good pick up line, after which her heart would supposedly melt like strawberry ice-cream and would belong to him forever. However, there are certain pick up lines that often turn your love-at-first-sight's back at you. Here are some examples of what NOT to say to a girl you want to break the ice with:

"You look gorgeous! Have you had plastic surgeries?" Hello, it is NOT a compliment to tell someone that they look like someone who had a nose job or a face lift. It's always her natural beauty, even when it's really not natural, that a woman likes to be praised for.

"You must be 25 (26, 27, 30, 45 etc.)" NEVER ask a woman about her age: if she is younger than you guessed, you will be her mortal enemy. Even 25 year olds want to look 17, and they are often mistaken for 30 year olds. Save yourself the trouble and let her age be her secret. If you like her looks, isn't that all that matters?

"You're exotic!" This sounds racist and not flattering at all. You can't risk to be offensive when you're trying to earn a girl's attention.

"Hi. You wanna hang out?" Hanging out is an indefinite offer, and a girl will often not know what exactly you mean, and you will most likely get a "no" for an answer if she doesn't run away as soon as she hears what you said.

"You have a boyfriend? Do you need another one?" If she has a boyfriend, be respectful and leave her alone. If she doesn't, don't rush to be one. You saw the girl for the first time, and your goal at this point is to get her number and get to know her. Rushing into a relationship shows that you're not taking commitment seriously, and girls don't like that.

"I love you." Too strong of a promise from the first sight. She won't believe you, and she won't like that you say these important words so easily.

Click here or here for some more examples of bad pick up lines, this time from a man's perspective, which you can check out if you want to improve your ice-breaking skills.

The list will be growing every day. When we are nervous, we tend to say something stupid, and the more experience you have with girls, the easier it is for you to start a conversation. Be mindful, and always show her respect. After all, actions speak louder than words, and it doesn't always matter what you say.

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