Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cool Apple Products for a Writer to Have

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The wave of new computer technology swept away the generation of PCs and enchanted our contemporaries with its user-friendliness. The series of commercials, "I'm Mac, and I'm a PC," fails to leave no smile on your face no matter how hard you try. The only people who are not happy are those who produce the old generation computers that still catch viruses and make you feel like a computer genius when you find the Control Panel. If you still own an antique computer, it's time to go "Apple picking" - the happiest purchase you can ever make, especially if you use your computer a lot. 

Read: if you're a writer and you need to spend hours typing your brilliant ideas into a laptop.

But yes, I hear your concerns. Apple computers are usually two times more 

expensive than an average PC, but they are super fast, easy to use and save your information, and last but not least, they look great, with new Macbook Pro's all-aluminium unibody. If you're looking for a lighter and cheaper option, you can try Macbook Air, as small as 11-inch screen, great for those who carry their laptops around a lot. Macbook Air does not come with a CD reader, however, so if you feel like you need one eventually, you can buy it separately any time later. 

As we are becoming more mobile and need the technology to make our everyday load lighter, Apple comes up with iPads, elegant tablets, simple substitutes for a laptop. You can't burn or read CDs or use Flash players on those, but iPads, which come in 3G and Wi-Fi, are great for surfing the web on the go, storing your photos and music, reading books and newspapers and many other great things. There are lots of free and inexpensive applications like Maps, Facebook, various games and now iTunes U (which you can use to take online classes on World Literature or Creative Writing absolutely free from anywhere you are). You can even get an application that allows you to create and edit documents on your iPad, and you also able to keep up with your e-mail and see whether the publisher is ready to send you on your way to the bookshelves.

If an iPad is too big and expensive for you, then you should opt for an iPod touch, a smaller version of an iPad, which is just as functional. Of course, you don't get the big display and the 3G option of an iPad, but you can still use the Internet at a place where Wi-Fi is available and use the applications that don't require a wireless connection. You can even text and call free to different countries provided that the person you're calling has the same application through Pinger, Whats App, Viber and other applications, so you can stay in touch with many writers abroad.

And finally, there is the fastest and most convenient smartphone ever, iPhone 4S, with Siri as its hottest feature. If someone told you five years ago that you would be able to talk to a phone and get a response, you would think they were crazy. Now you can ask Siri for directions or information, as well as order it to send a text message or set up a reminder. This way you can spend more time writing you next bestseller and not worrying about everyday chores.

And don't forget the wonderful Time Capsule, which functions as a wireless router and at the same time saves all of your drafts through the Time Machine. Instead of keeping a pile of papers under your desk, enter your Time Machine from you Macbook Pro and restore any draft you composed before. You can even keep both drafts and compare them, and you can be absolutely sure than nothing you write will get lost if you hit the delete button by mistake.

Not only it is amazing how much you can do on one of those Apple devices, it is also great that if your phone or iPod touch has technical problems, Apple will always be there to help you out. Unlike RIM, who don't take responsibility for defects of their Blackberries, Apple geniuses are polite and willing to help you over the phone or in an Apple store in your area. They always take care of your problem in a timely manner and will give you a new device if they can't fix the problem with the old one. 

Therefore, if you're still convinced that Apple products would break your budget, think about how much easier and more pleasant they would make your everyday writing life. It's almost like unnatural in size Red Delicious versus organic Macintosh apples: when you taste the real thing, you will know the difference right away and will never go back to the old ways. Technology is advancing forward, so why should you stump in place?

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