Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living Social in New York: The Benefits of Salsa Dancing

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If you were to walk around New York City asking random people, "Do you salsa dance?" you would be surprised how many people would say yes to the question. Here are a few reasons why you should try it, too:

1. Great exercise. Learning cuban motion, you will end up loosening up your body and work out most, if not all, your lower body muscles.

2. It's fun. Two hours of working out your abs, gluts and inner and outer hips have never been so pleasant. The music is great, the movements are simple, and the better you become at spinning around and performing various steps, the more exciting it becomes.

3. New hobby. If you have trouble occupying your free time, this might be a wonderful option. There is no limit to salsa perfection: you can always learn new moves, and you will never stop developing. At the same time, you might only master basic steps and never go beyond your classroom, or shine at a local nightclub. It's all up to you, wherever you would like to take it.

4. Meeting people. Bouncing between work and home, it is always hard to make new connections, so it is awesome to attend classes and social dance parties at your school or any other school. You will practice your steps and get a chance to meet lots of people at the same time, whether you're looking for love or just new friends.

5. Access to classes. Living in any of the New York City boroughs, you will always be able to find a conveniently located school. There are lots of dance schools in Park Slope-Bay Ridge area and also in Midtown Manhattan, but there are also schools in Astoria, Corona and other neighborhoods. Find one you will have no problem getting to by car, train, or bus, and go there to check out the ambiance and teachers. You have lots of choices, so make sure you're making the best you can.

6. Price range. Depending on your goals, you can always stay within your budget. Schools usually offer both private classes for those who want to improve quicker, and group classes, which are much cheaper and more affordable. And of course, thanks to Living Social and Groupon deals, you can now get a month of unlimited classes for as little as $30 to see if this is really your cup of tea, which is fantastic considering that most schools charge about $60/month for one class.

7. Skill that you will never lose. It's almost like riding a bicycle. You might need some time to feel comfortable if you take a long break, but in general, your body will always go with the rhythm. Therefore, if you have salsa danced before, you should definitely find some time to get back into it.

As you see, there are lots of pluses that come with signing up for that first class, so if you feel like this is the time, go ahead and google salsa classes in your area and see for yourself what everyone in the city is so crazy about.

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